7 Reasons Why Harry Kane Could Leave Tottenham in the Summer

Harry Kane has once again proved his critics wrong this season by scoring more than 20 goals in the Premier League calendar. He’s not your typical Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of attractive football but, what’s more important is that he can put the ball in the back of the net when he gets the service from his teammates.

His value is increasing every game he plays and that could eventually lead him to wearing another shirt this summer – could it be Real Madrid? BetVictor currently have a football betting special on at the minute on how much his transfer fee will reach (with odds like 6/1 of it being up to and including £120 when he’s eventually sold), so it seems the majority of pundits are already aware that his departure from the club is inevitable.

Why would Harry Kane leave the club that has shaped him into being one of the best players in the world in the last five years?

1. If Tottenham Don’t Invest in New Talent

Tottenham have plenty of talent to keep them competing at the top of the Premier League, but Harry Kane wants more. Harry can see himself in the final of the Champions League and lifting the trophy at some point in the future, but Tottenham don’t look like they have a squad capable of doing that.

It’s not that Tottenham don’t already have world class players, it’s to do with the fact teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid have a lot more. If Harry doesn’t think Tottenham owners share the same ambitions as him, he could well be off sooner than we all think. The transfer window for Tottenham fans will go one of two ways in the summer. Either Harry Kane will leave for another club or Tottenham will invest heavily in more talent. Tottenham fans will almost certainly prefer the latter. He would also prefer the likes of Deli Alli to continue to play in a Tottenham shirt, so he could also leave if Tottenham owners decide to sell Alli.

2. If Mauricio Pochettino Leaves

The opinion of most football fans around the world these days is that Mauricio Pochettino is the best manager in the world of football. Whether he is or not remains to be seen, but what he’s done with Tottenham in recent years is quite incredible (especially their second-place finish last season). He hasn’t quite lifted the Premier League trophy as of yet, but he did come close to doing so last year if it wasn’t for a far more superior Chelsea side. If Mauricio doesn’t feel he’s getting backed by the owners in terms of new transfers, he could also be off, and Harry Kane would likely follow him. There are already numerous rumours linking him with a move to Spain and Real Madrid, and that would be a much bigger job than the one he’s already got.

3. If Harry Kane Doesn’t Get the Contract He Desires

He’s already been offered more money and more time with Tottenham, but if he feels he’s doing more each time he gets on the pitch, he’s eventually going to want more in his back pocket. Daniel Levy has always been known to put the business side of Tottenham first, so he won’t hesitate to say no to a bigger contract if he doesn’t feel it’s sustainable for the club. That could lead to Harry Kane looking elsewhere for first-teamfootball next season and there are many clubs that would be happy to pay him what he wants. He’s not a greedy player as such, but if lesser players are getting the same wage packet as him, why should he stay if he’s doing much more than them on the pitch?

4. If a European Giant Comes Knocking for His Signature

It would be very hard for Harry Kane to turn down a move to Barcelona or Real Madrid. They are two of the biggest clubs in the world and he’s guaranteed to win trophies at either one. There are also teams like Manchester City and Manchester United who would be interested in acquiring his services if they become available in the future. These are all clubs that don’t take no for an answer when it comes to transfers. After all, they are all teams with much deeper pockets than Tottenham and possibly much more firepower on the pitch. Tottenham owner Daniel Levy would obviously carefully consider any offer received for his grand prize. However, he’s proved he’s a selling man and he’s more than happy to do business if the right price comes along. He knows just as well as anyone there are strikers out there that can replace Harry Kane should the inevitable happen.

5. If Tottenham Fail to Win Any Silverware

As it currently stands, Tottenham don’tstand much chance of winning any silverware this year unless they do the unthinkable and steal the Champions League from under their competitor’s noses. The Champions League looks a step too far for Tottenham at the moment, and if they do fail to win it this year or fail to finish in the top four of the Premier League, Harry Kane will almost certainly be off and he’ll be taking his Golden Boot with him. As stated above, Tottenham owners will need to share the same ambitions as Harry Kane, otherwise, he’ll just go and serve another team that will flourish with his services on the books. Whether he will go at the end of this season remains to be seen, but it will be likely if Tottenham don’tbring home any silverware from their big efforts this year.

6. If Other Tottenham Players Don’t Provide

Harry Kane relies heavily on his teammatesto deliver the goals he scores. If he doesn’t deliver goals, he’s not going to look good. Harry is a team player that concentrates fully on the Tottenham owner’s objectives, but he’s also a player that wants to keep improving and achieving his dreams. The squad that Tottenham already has will need to continue to assist Harry Kane. If they become complacent or aren’t implementing the attacking mentality that Mauricio loves, Harry Kane won’t feel like the idol he is and he might feel he could shine elsewhere instead.

7. If Another Top Striker Comes Along

As contradictory as it seems, Harry Kane wants top talent in the same squad as him, but he also wants to be the number one striker. If Tottenham did happen to do the silly thing and invest in another top striker, he could feel hard done by and leave for another venture elsewhere. There are better strikers than Harry Kane out there (although not many) and he isn’t a player who’s willing to keep the bench warm while someone else reaps the rewards from the fans and the manager. So, while Tottenham doneed to invest heavily in the summer of 2018, they will definitely need to do good business and ensure they only acquire players who aren’t going to step on Kane’s toesor outshine him when it really matters.

Harry Kane is proving to be one of the most valuable players in the game at the moment. He could go to another club tomorrow if he wanted to, so Tottenham owners will need to do everything in their power to ensure that doesn’t happen. If he does eventually sign for a club, he could end up going to another top Premier League side that will only end up making Tottenham weaker and them stronger.

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